Sunday, 16 October 2011

3 Protection

Unit 3 : Protection

Learning area :
1 Protection From Danger

Learning Objectives (Objektif ):
3.1       Understanding that animals have specific characteristics and behavior to protect themselves from danger.

Key Concepts :
Animals have specific characteristics and behaviours to
protect themselves from danger which save them from being
eaten or threatened by their enemies.

1. Smelly :


A skunk defends itself by spraying a smelly mist at its attackers. The spray shoots out from under the skunk's tail. To be fair, the skunk does lift its tail to warn attackers what it's about to do. Some skunks even do handstands to make the message clear. If a predator keeps on coming, out shoots the spray!

2. Bed bug

Most people say that bed begs smell like raspberries and in cases where the place is infested, it can smell like moldy shoes. Bed bug are smelly to keep away their enemies.

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